Monday, July 9, 2007

Fan etiquette and escape artists

Wow, I haven't posted on here in a long time! I've been going to the gym, but mostly for yoga (and there's only so much you can say about yoga) or a run-in-and-hit-the-bike-and-get-out trip. I'm temporarily banned from my upper body free weights (neck weirdness) and don't do leg workouts anyway, since I get enough of that at ballet. This story is already too long!

Tonight I got to the gym and it was STIFLING inside. I know they have an air conditioner, so I don't know what the problem was. It was probably in the 90s inside. I went over to the bikes and two in the cluster of three were taken. I usually grab myself a fan (and why are all the fans always in the treadmill area, anyway? What makes treadmill people so worthy of fans?), but I figured that it might be rude to disturb their climate. I actually asked once, in that same situation, if anyone minded if I brought a fan over, and a gruff old man said yes, he did mind, and then he muttered at length about these people who need to be cool while working out. Um, hi? I'm still here.

Here's my question: What the fuck? I mean, being hot or cold doesn't have much of an impact on the workout you get, so why not be comfortable? I'd be really delighted if it was around 78 in there. Am I crazy?

On escape artists, tonight, I witnessed my second little kid running out of the locker room while his mom was butt-ass naked. You see the look of horror on the mom's face, then "James. James!!" I nabbed him this time, but kids are such opportunists! I'm going to have to remember that someday.


Alex Elliot said...

I just may have accused one the staff at the Y of keeping the heat up high to cause everyone to sweat and feel like they were really accomplishing something and thus overlook how expensive the membership costs are. I personally like to be comfortable. If I'm really hot, my workout will be cut short. Likewise if there's puddles of sweat by the machines I want to use.

Debra said...

I do not do well in heat.. and 90 would cut my workout short because I'd get sick.

It should be comfortable.. to a little cool. It's possible to layer to add more clothes, but so hard to take too much off when the gym is too hot.

super des said...

I agree with the others. Hot = bad. I remember when my gym (it was just built) got AC. I was so happy.

Gunfighter said...

I never really understood the whole use-a-fan-while-working-out thing. In my world, if you did that at the gym, you'd instantly earn the label "pussy". Granted, my world, the world of cops, guns, and attitude, is a peculiar place.