Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just two

One: Guy who holds his towel in his mouth while on the elliptical machine. First, there's plenty of other places to put it. Second, this is a towel that has dried someone else's crack and athete's foot probably hundreds of times. Washed or not washed, I don't put that in my mouth.

Two: The lady at yoga in her... outfit. Do you remember in the late 80s/early 90s when women started wearing leotards to work out in over their spandex pants? And then the leotards became two-pieces? And then the bottom part became a thong? Something like this, but with Spandex pants.

Anyway, this woman was wearing that, or at least I THOUGHT so. But in fact, it was just a pair of spandex pants colored to appear as though there was a thong over them. So, like a faux-teal thong. And worse? She had the world's flattest ass, so it was really noticeable that those fake curves were... fake.


L.A. Daddy said...

Oh, I love my gym. I work out in Los Angeles and so it's easy to "plastic people watch". My gym has wannabe actors and has-been actors. Porn stars and strippers, with enough silicon floating around to fill a stadium.

Most of them look at this old man like, "Why bother, dude?" I always tell them, "You're here to look pretty. I'm just here so I don't die."

Suzanne said...

Oh my god. That is hilarious. Hilarious!