Thursday, March 1, 2007

My gym is a YMCA in a swank neighborhood. I do not live in said neighborhood, I just live close enough to enjoy the runoff. Every piece of cardio equipment has it's own 13 inch flat screen television with DVD/CD player and extended cable. All you need to do is bring a pair of headphones, plug yourself in and you're good to go. They even sell headphones at the desk if you forgot yours. In addition, they have a lost and found box because sometimes people accidentally forget their headphones in the machines when they are done.

The lost and found box is near the abs/back weight machines. On more than one occasion, I've seen people come in, take a set of headphones from this box, use them and return them to the box. Now these are the type of headphones that go into your ears, not the old fashioned type with the foam circles that merely rest on top of your ears. While I do not find earwax to be as inherently gross as, say, crotch sweat, it's still pretty nasty.

On Monday the lost and found box was empty. One after another folks walked over only to walk away disappointed. Then some crazy old coot tried to take my headphones, which I had rested on my water bottle and placed on my towel next to where I was working out. When I protested, she said 'Well I didn't think you were using them!' I wasn't at the moment, but that does not negate the fact that they are my private property. Step off, crazy ear wax lover.


Laura Lohr said...

"While I do not find earwax to be as inherently gross as, say, crotch sweat, it's still pretty nasty."

LOL! Thanks for the vivid imagery!

I cannot believe people do that. That is a special kind of weird, unhygienic, and flat out gross.

Debra said...


So why is it that the folks in a an upscale neighborhood can be so completely unprepared? Or come to expect so much to be provided to them?

super des said...

Wow, I don't think I could handle any part of that. My gym has the personal tvs too (not dvd or cd though) and I've never seen anyone leave their headphones.

Amy Jo said...

I think it's the entitlement thing that bugs me, too. Once I heard someone complin to the main fitness guy that there weren't any 'free' headphones. I mean, if you're driving a $100,000 car, you can effing afford the $10 headphones they sell at the front desk.