Tuesday, April 24, 2007

non-gym people

"Have you lost weight?" One of my coworkers asked recently. "Well I've been going to the gym..." I replied, not wanting to dissect the semantics of the question, as I have not lost weight but just made the same weight look better. I still know where the weight is.

"Oh, the gym. Never cared for that." Scornfully, she walks away.

Why is she mad at me for going to the gym? Was it a compliment before she found out that I don't magically make fat disappear? And I can tell she doesn't like the gym because she gets winded waiting for the elevator.

Ok, so there's my proof that as snarky as we may be here, there are those on the other side that are very bitter about it.


Gunfighter said...

The gym is too much work, Des.... if you had some new diet, she would have benn interested and giggly about it... since dieting is so "girly"


super des said...

I do have a diet... "watching how much you eat"... but that would involve work too.

Suzanne said...

I've never cared for idiot bitches, so what's her point?