Wednesday, April 11, 2007

treadmills are hard

A girl walks up to the treadmill right in front of my elliptical. She presses a few buttons, stares blankly, and moves to the adjacent treadmill where she does the same thing. She is exuding an air of "how do I make this work?" I watch as she does the exact same thing to 2 other treadmills (luckily it was a slow day). Not one of them has gotten her to actually exercise yet. I'm not sure if she just can't figure out the many buttons (i.e. "enter age / weight", "select workout", "quick start") or if she just wants to be able to say she tried using the treadmills but they didn't work.

She could've asked the staff, but she was satisfied to just give up. After her failed attempts at the treadmills, she retired to a bike where she casually pedaled and read her book for about an hour.

I just don't understand why these people join a gym.


Anonymous said...

I am not going to pretend that treadmills require an engineering degree to use, nor am I defending someone who gives up without getting help. However, in all fairness, the interface on several models tends to be different from exercycles, in which once you provide the information on yourself and the type of desired workout, the bike tends to start. Most treadmills that I have used require you to manually start the workout before getting the programming adjusted. It threw me the first few times I used one (not that I ever was stumped enough to abandon the endeavor).


super des said...

Ours have lots of options... you can press "start" and just go and THEN enter your info (or not) or you can do it reversed. BUT they are all the same, so there was no reason to try several before giving up.

Gunfighter said...

Why do they join gyms?

To be SEEN, that's why!