Thursday, May 3, 2007


I went to Old Navy yesterday to replenish my workout clothes supply. (I think we have laundry gremlins.) The person ringing me up said "I take it you go to the gym." Looking at my 2 sports bras, yoga pants (that aren't for yoga), 4 tank tops, and pack of sport socks, I laughed and said "How'd you guess."

We then got into a mostly-one-sided conversation that was essentially about who's gym was better, who paid less, who took better classes (her, because I don't take classes), who needs to go more, who used to go more, etc. Everything I would say, she would one-up me. But then try to humble herself by saying "I really need to go to the gym more, but my work schedule is so crazy." I could have been drawn in and said "Well I work 8-5 on weekdays, so I know exactly when I'm going to the gym" but she kept talking about how great she was, so I paid for my things and left.

I think I lost the First Annual Old Navy Shopping For Gym Clothes While Bragging Competition.


Gunfighter said...

You should have asked her how she could make time to work out, since she bviously spent all of her time either working or talking about herself.

The stupid cow.

Suzanne said...

That is why I buy my shit online when champion has a sale. Actually, I probably won't need to buy another sports bra for decades since I "stocked up" at the last sale, then realized I have no need for 5 new sports bras. But they were a good price, and no one bothered me.