Thursday, May 24, 2007


Not much has been going on at my gym lately. Maybe this is because I have not been going as often as I used to, which explains my current state of flabbiness. (And I did not say "fatness," which is different from being a little loose.) Anyway, when I have gone to the gym, I have noticed that the ratio of grunters to those of us who manage to work out silently has shifted dramatically. Really, if you are practically screaming from the effort of lifting a weight, it is probably too heavy for you. Why I know this and the grunters don't is beyond me. Then again, they tend to not be flabby, either. I'll take some jiggle and increasingly wide hips over the chance that I might rip my arms out of my sockets from lifting heavy weights. I think I would look very bad with no arms.

Speaking of ripping arms out of sockets, the best upper body workout I've had this year came from carrying my fat pet rabbit about a mile from the vet back to my apartment. I really did think that they might be pulled free from my body. The next morning, my biceps and shoulders were mad sore. However, I did not grunt once from the effort or the subsequent pain.

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Erin said...

Sometimes I feel violated at my gym because on certain evenings the only person in the weight room with me is a man who likes to set the Nautilus machines on the heaviest weight, do one rep, scream as loudly as he can, and then stands and pants while watching me go through my sets on a nearby machine. I make a point to start grunting as loudly as possible when he sets his Crazr to play Creedence Clearwater Revival out loud without headphones, so maybe he's doing it as payback.