Friday, February 9, 2007

In Evolutionary Terms.. The Ears, They Must Grow...

Ok. I saw this "tech utilization technique" for the first time last week. It was odd, but I forgot to blog here at the time. (sigh...). Then yesterday I saw it two more times. Is this just a localized phenomenon?

Fellow gym members are simultaneously wearing:

-a blue-tooth phone ear set


-ear clips for their MP3 player!!

So one ear has the blue tooth clip which then wears it's own music ear clip...

It was really accentuated on the woman wearing a full head wrap and 3" gold circular dangle earrings too.

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super des said...

Everyone at my gym has white ipod earbuds. Except for me, I have black non-ipod headphones. I'm glad the people here have enough sense not to talk on their phones though.