Thursday, February 1, 2007


A few days ago I was swimming at the Y when out of the corner of my eye I saw something in the deep end that was brown and dark green and shaped like a ball. Seeing as this is a public swimming pool, I jumped to the obvious conclusion: it was a turd. However, as much as I may gripe about the Y, the pool has never been that bad so I felt it was safe to take a closer inspection. It appeared to be a brown ball with green things sticking out of it. What the...wait a that seaweed? I looked around and saw the same thing in the lane next to me. I stopped and asked the lifeguard. Sure enough, it was fake seaweed at the bottom of the pool. It was there for the kids to be able to dive down and retrieve. The lifeguard was very amused that no one else had commented on it particularly since it did look like, well you know. Anyhow, I brought up the seaweed for her and we ended up having a nice talk later on where she told me what a great swimmer I was. Feeling good that someone had just complimented me, I walked into the locker room and was greeted with a crotch shot. Thankfully the woman was clothed, but she was doing V-lifts in front of my locker. Back to normal at the Y!


Suzanne said...

My favorite scene from "Caddy Shack" is when a kid drops a candy bar in the pool on accident, but every thinks it is a turd and yells, "Doodie in the pool! Doddie in the pool!" Ha ha ha.

Glad that the lifeguard paid you such a well-earned compliment.

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Anonymous said...

My understanding is that chlorinated seaweed can't live in the ocean and vice versa. Can you confirm?