Thursday, February 1, 2007

Making Love out of Nothing at all

I haven't posted here much lately for two reasons. First, I haven't been to the gym as much as I ought to have been. Second, I've been spending my time there with my earbuds in, book in hand, and basically shutting out the world. But today there was a girl there... well, let me tell you. She was wearing baggy sweats and doing freeweights, but reading a book between each set. I think she was reading more than she was lifting, actually. Then she was on the bikes at the same time as I was, and she had her iPod in the cupholder. I glanced over at it a couple times, because I love eavesdropping on what people are listening to, and she must have had it on random, because the first time I looked, it was Rage Against the Machine, but later it was Air Supply! I don't think you're allowed to work up a sweat to Air Supply. Who even has Air supply on their iPod? Anyway, I was finishing my workout and she was over on a Pilates ball doing crunches in the area around the corner from the bikes, and I heard her TOOT! That's right -- gas passing on the Pilates ball.

Oh wait, that was all me.


super des said...

ha ha ha!

I'm in love with the Count.

Suzanne said...

Me too. Me too.

I was about to defend the choice of Air Supply, but I see there is no need to do so.

SUEB0B said...

The tooting...sometimes an unfortunate side effect of straining at something, and sometimes, no, it cannot be prevented.

Do I speak from experience? A lady never tells.

Anonymous said...

If I knew the road to riches, the ways to fame, and how to break all the rules, then I am confident I could successfully exercise to Enya; Air Supply would be a breeze.