Friday, February 2, 2007

Lamest. Person. Ever.

It's Friday night. The gym is pretty dead, because who goes there except for die hard fitness freaks, and people that have to take big tests the next day and could relieve a little stress maybe?
So I walk into the locker room. It's empty except for one chick. She's at the sink. Painting her nails. Spilling nail polish on the counter.

She's in there for 90% of my workout. I can tell because it's Friday night and the gym is pretty dead and I can see everyone. Eventually she comes out and sits on the bike next to me. Notice I did not use the operative verbs "ride" or "use." She sat on the bike. However, she must haved moved a little tiny bit, because since she was on the bike next to me I could see her screen, and she burned a whopping 15 calories before she gave up.

Then she went and stood on the treadmill. Stood. Then she took a little walk - nothing too exerting. She left after about a minute.

My guess is that she told someone she was going to the gym. She went - it wasn't technically a lie. Then when she got home, she told them she had been on the bike and the treadmill. Also not technically lies. Good for her.


Anonymous said...

I can imagine several other quotes that aren't technically lies:

"I really nailed the workout."

"I won't say how much I sweated, but I did end up needing to spend a lot of time at the sink working on my appearance."

Given that most of the equipment was unused since the place was empty, "Let me tell you, most of the equipment wasn't going as fast I was."

Course since I am sitting my computer on a Friday night, and my only exercise at this second is typing, I probably shouldn't be mocking...Oh well.


super des said...

J, I think it's better to admit you weren't at the gym at all then to use those "lies."

Count Mockula said...

That's weird.

And hey! I was at the gym on Friday night!