Sunday, February 18, 2007

Namaste, freak.

I worked out yesterday and was disappointed that there weren't more people to make fun of. It was 75 degrees in Sacramento, so everyone else was enjoying the sunshine. There was on guy in those super-short running shorts and a stretched-out and dripping-with-sweat tank top, but nothing crazy.

But this morning was yoga. And yoga is always good for people-watching. There was a new lady in there, and it struck me immediately that it was a little odd to come to yoga in full make-up and gigantic Jersey hair. But she was also chewing gum like a cow all through class. Gum and yoga don't seem like natural complements to me, but chacun a son gout,* I guess.

*One of the few French phrases I remember from high school -- even though it's pronounced "shacoon ah sawn goo," we always said it "chakun a sun gowt." It means something like "to each his own." Our other favorite was "Twat! Two et toujours un casskoo!" Which means something like "you, you are a daredevil!"

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