Thursday, January 11, 2007

hey skinny, WTF?

I walked into the locker room to see the Skinniest Girl In The World. Her waist was smaller than my arm, and I have small arms. She had just emerged from the post-workout shower, so I saw enough to wonder how she even did a workout. I'm pretty sure lifting any sort of weight, or running, or anything that people do in gyms besides shower would break her. I'm actually surprised the water in the shower didn't cause a few snaps.

She had conveniently placed all her clothes (and makeup and razor and everything in the world) in nice little piles on every single stool. This means there were no stools for me to sit on, or put my own clothes, makeup, and razor on. (And no, I didn't have makeup or a razor with me.) So I picked up her neat little pile of clothes on one stool and put it on top of another neat little pile of clothes on the next stool. She looked up at me with her skinny skinny face but realized it wasn't worth a confrontation because I was in the right, and I could break her in half with my thumbs.

She finished putting on her skinny skinny clothes and left. I reflected on my own not so skinny skinny body, but decided I like my curves. I don't want to be a stick like her. Even though she was little more than a skeleton, there were no bones sticking out. She wasn't sick or gross looking. She was just much skinnier than anyone else in the entire world. And she was at the gym. You know, to lose weight. Not like me.


Debra said...

Ah, but Des.. you assume she is at the gym to lose weight. There are tons of reasons to go to a gym beyond losing weight.

She might be there to build muscle on her naturally too skinny frame. Hey, I was once nearly my current height, healthy, and almost 100# lighter. yeah, 60" and 60#. I was a high-metabolism teenager.

Suzanne said...

Regardless, she is still inconsiderate. Also, while she deserves the benefit of the doubt about her reasons for being at the gym, the sad truth about women in NYC is that even the skinniest ones tend to be obsessed with losing weight. Not always, but often enough. And she's still inconsiderate leaving her crap all over the place!

super des said...

Yeah, the thing that got me was not that she was skinny at the gym, but that she left her crap everywhere. If she had not been skinny, I still would have complained. I just would've titled the post something else.