Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some tips for the chick that went straight into the toilet-stall to change, instead of in the actual locker room

1. This is a locker room. In a gym. It was built specifically for the purpose of changing one's clothes.

2. If you needed affirmation about #1, I was in there, and I was half-nekkid myself.

3. Don't try to pretend that you went in there to pee, by flushing the toilet when you were done. Since it was just me & you in there, I did not hear any peeing. Plus I saw you take your gym bag in there and emerge wearing different clothes and shoes.

4. If you must ignore #s 1-3 above, at least go into the big stall, you dolt!


Suzanne said...

wow, I used to be that shy.

Angel said...

No, no, no, dressing in the handicapped stall is not cool.

Thankfully, our gym has dressing rooms--and it really peeves me when someone uses the big stall to change clothes.

There are times, before or after a workout, that I need that stall because I need the handrail. I have several chronic illnesses that cause pain and at times, make standing and sitting very difficult.

Anyway, very late commenting on this, but I really love this blog--so glad I found it!!