Friday, January 26, 2007

newspaper guy

I can understand not wanting to watch tv while you ride the bike at the gym (even though at MY gym, all the cardio equipment has their own built-in tv). Some people bring magazines. Not a problem. The guy next to me last night brought the NY Times. Understandable.

The thing that was not understandable is that he brought the whole paper. And it was not folded neatly in a readable way. There were pages stuffed into the drink holder, wrapped around the handle bars, crumpled in his lap, and just everywhere you could think to stuff a newspaper page.

For how messy it was, he was very relaxed. He was not exerting himself while on the machine, but he was moving a bit. I guess something is better than nothing. Makes me wonder what would happen if he didn’t have the crumpled newspaper with him to “read.”


Anonymous said...

I don't know how good his workout was, but I am impressed by his versatility. Next time maybe he could bring a laptop and "work while working out." Hey, why stop there? If he has a portable generator, he can bring a desktop, wrap the wire around the side of the machine and balance monitor and keyboard on the handles.

Hmmm...where to put the mouse though...There has to be new product and patent opportunity somewhere in here.

Suzanne said...

The sad part is that I've come close to bringing a laptop while I was on the stationary bike. Then I remembered what a fucking bad idea that is...

super des said...

At least a laptop is in one piece.