Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Sadly, my beloved local gym closed because evil real estate developers obtained the property and are tearing it down to build obnoxious luxury condos because obviously what my neighborhood needs is more fucking asshole rich people. Once the building is up, the plan is to reopen a new fancier, even more luxurious gym than the old one was, which once again makes me cringe because I hate being near rich assholes and I am sure that the new gym will be even more chock full of them than the old one. Sigh.

Anyway, until the temporary gym opens on Thursday around the corner from the old one (which was across the street from me), I will be using a gym that is about a mile away. I went tonight for the first time and found it very pleasant. One thing that was particularly good about it was the air ciruclation, which was lacking in my regular gym.

However, not long after I began using a treadmill and watching "Jeopardy!," a guy stepped onto the treaddmill in the row in front of me. Normally this is not a problem. Except that this guy was about 7 feet tall and completely blocked my view of Alex as he sneered at contestants' wrong answers. Fie! After 15 minutes of running, I got a side cramp and had to move on anyway, so I chose an eliptical machine by another TV that was airing "Jeopardy!" By then, the hsow was almost over, and I eagerly anticipated the brainless fun of "Wheel of Fortune." (Pat Sajak is such a twerp with his fake home-spun "I'm just like you" attitude. No, you are a mutlimillionaire Republican. Yeesh.) I was enjoying the Wheel and had about 5 minutes to go in my workout when someone randomly changed the channel to Fox News. NOOOOOO!!!

Nothing pisses me off more than people who change the channel without checking with the people who are already there. I was ready to say some nasty shit to whoever subjected me to the brainless-but-NOT-fun Fox News, also featuring Republican multimillionaires who pretend to be like average people but clearly are not, but no one ever showed up to watch it. Fucking people.

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super des said...

All the cardio eqipment at my gym has their own tv built right in. With satellite. Oops, did I say that?