Monday, December 18, 2006

How Old Are You?

I'll be the first to admit that I've definitely had my issues with the Y that I belong to. And I just may have spoken to the manager on more than one occasion. One of my ongoing battles with the Y is regarding the locker room policies, more specifically my annoyance with the family locker room. Yesterday my older son (OS) had his swim lesson. Since I equate the family locker room with hell, my husband usually comes with us so that he can take OS into the boys locker room (not to be confused with the men's locker room) and I can change in the women's locker room (not to be confused with the girls locker room). However, my husband was pretty tired yesterday and we were running late so I decided just to take OS by myself. Due to the holiday season as well as flu and cold season, the family locker room was not as crowded as usual by which I mean the wait for a changing room was only about 5 minutes and the smell of pee was down from a 9 (with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) to about a 7. The number of kids in various states of undress running around and climbing on everything was also significantly down. OS and I changed and went to class. After literally carrying OS back to the family locker room after swim class in a mad dash to get a changing room, we were able to successfully grab one without a wait. I managed to get my shivering 3 year old dressed very quickly. That's important to me for three reasons
  1. I don't want OS to be cold
  2. Someone else's little one is undoubtedly shivering with their shivering parent and waiting for a changing room
  3. I want to get the hell out of there
After OS and I got changed, we followed our typical pattern of putting our shoes on while sitting on the bench next to the lockers. I noticed a middle aged guy sitting there by himself and was a little suspicious. Where was his kid? Did I mention the naked preschoolers running around? I was shocked when a changing room door opened and out walked his kid, who had to be at least 10 (I'm thinking more like twelve)!

First of all, why weren't they in the boys locker room? Second, why was the dad there? Third, why the hell would anyone want to be in the family locker room unless they had to be? I mean I have a tendency to try and sneak OS into the girls locker room when the family locker room is just way too crowded (or way too smelly), but don't tell the management that.

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Suzanne said...

Damn, that is fucked up. And creepy.