Monday, December 18, 2006

why even go?

A girl & I arrived and left the gym at exactly the same time. That was odd in itself. Then we walked to the cardio equipment at the same time. However, while I started with cardio and then moved on to other things, she stuck wth the treadmill. That's fine, my warmup was only 15 minutes. When I came back at the end of my workout to do 30 minutes on the bike, the girl was still there on the treadmill.

Problem I have, is that she spent the whole hour (+/-) walking. Walking. Not running, not jogging, not lunging. Walking.

Now girl, this is New York City. You have to walk places. Why pay $600 to come walk in a gym? I know it's cool to be in the window where it feels like you're walking over traffic, but you could save your money and go down and actually walk in traffic. Also I know that your hair & outfit are perfect, but guess what? More people will be impressed by it when you are out on the street walking. The 10 of us in the gym don't care what you're wearing. We just know that you're spending a lot of money to walk.

Give me your $600. You go walk in a park.


Suzanne said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, I can just picture it.

Mara Clarke said...

I have to stand up for walking girl. I cannot run due to back injuries, and lost several sizes (from a 14 to an 8) by walking. Yes, it is cheaper to walk on the streets, but since my workout times tend to be before and after work when it is dark, it's not always safer to walk outside. Especially when a good workout is one where you do not stop every block for lights, breathe exhaust, etc. And Central Park does not have showers.

That said, I also lift weights and use the cross trainer at the gym, but there are days when it's just walking . . . . .

Angel said...

I just found this blog--LOVE IT! I'm a gym, uh, mouse?

I'm commenting about the person who walked for an hour on the treadmill. I do the same, because of my chronic pain issues (I can't go very fast) and it's much easier on my joints than pavement. Plus I live in FL and it is WAY STINKIN HOT out there. I like "my" treadmill with the fan above it ;)

I've lost over 30 lbs by walking too ;)

Look forward to reading more!