Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Great Lunch Location

Last Saturday was my older son's last swim lesson of the session. Seeing as it was right before Christmas and the middle of cold season, I felt it was safe to assume that a lot of people would be absent. Thus, the family locker room would not be nearly the horrific experience that it usually is. Unfortunately, many people also seemed to have used my reasoning because the locker room was fairly crowded.

After the swim lesson was over, we hurried in to stake our claim on a changing room and then proceeded to put on our shoes and socks on the bench in the middle of the locker room . As I was ranking the smell of pee(about an 8) and the smell of mildew (about a 6), I noticed a couple of new smells in the room: ham sandwich and coffee. Who the fuck would eat a ham sandwich and coffee in a family locker room? I turned around to see a guy strut past me and go over to what looked like his grown up kids and their children, who were in the middle of getting dressed. He began talking while simultaneously eating his sandwich and sipping his coffee. That just grossed me out for so many reasons. It also made me really mad. It was fucking crowded in there! The last thing you need in a crowded space is more people that don't need to be there. There was a dad in a sopping wet swim suit standing next to the ham sandwich eater shivering and dripping water on him because it was so damn crowded. Apparently the many tables at the Y were not good enough (do I dare say clean enough) for the sandwich eater.


super des said...

What is is with these people eating lunch in the locker room!

Suzanne said...

Seriously. I think this is a more distrubing story, though, given the presence of children and crowds.

Anonymous said...

Wow! If some of these people would bring a lounge chair, a cup of coffee, and a laptop with an air modem, the locker room could replace Starbucks as the hippest hangout. Maybe the gym could raise rates and provide people with free Wifi...or keep the rates the same and open a cafeteria to pay for the internet access. Should be easy to find the space. All they need to do is bar those annoying people who keep coming in and changing in there.