Tuesday, December 12, 2006


When was the first time you realized that the people at your gym are really, really funny? In an unintentional way?

The People Under the Stairmasters is here to capture the horror and humor of working out. We hope to make you laugh, cry, and cringe. Not in the typical mocking-overweight-people way; that shit's not funny. No, this is more about that woman reeking of desperation who ties up her shirt to show off her abs and then asks every man at the gym to show her how to use various weights. Or the guy with the muscles who doesn't wipe his sweaty ass prints off the mat in the stretching area. Or the woman who thinks she is Jane Fonda.

A gym membership can bring more than the benefits of health! It can provide hours of entertainment. Join us and experience the gym through the mocking eyes of The People Under the Stairmasters.

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super des said...

I really think gyms take the entertainment value into consideration... That's why memberships are so high.