Thursday, December 14, 2006

A new Niche Markt for Nike?

I was working out at my parent's gym in their building, when my favorite regular came in. A man in his mid-fifties, he always wears scrubs to the gym - and slippers. The only thing he ever does is get on the treadmill and shuffle along at 1.6 MPH (I've seen the post-workout summary) for about 20 minutes. Then, he gets back into the elevator and goes to his apartment. The gym manager says he comes everyday at the same time, gets on the same treadmill (or waits if it is being used), takes 2o minutes and leaves. No one had ever heard him say a word (not even hello) and if you are on the treadmill when he comes in, he will just stand dangerously close and wait until you get off. The best part is, people know he is coming and his treadmill is almost always free, no matter how crowded the gym.

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Suzanne said...

Ok, that is disturbing.