Saturday, December 16, 2006

Is Christmas Over Already?

I have to admit that the first Christmas I was a Y member, I was caught off guard by the amount of Christmas decorations they had. Not only are there a ton of them, but they look like they were bought at Debbie Gibson's yard sale back in the 1980's. As a frequenter of yard sales myself (or as people say here "tag sales") I think that you can get some great finds at yard sales. However, many times there is also a really good reason why that particular item is at the yard sale. So back to tonight, I walked in and walked past the gawdy Christmas tree decorated with tons of odd colored extra wide ribbons and past all the scary cardboard Santa cutouts and plastic Santa knickknacks only to discover that an employee was taking down some of the decorations. What? Had Christmas happened already? I asked the woman what was going on and she said "The decorations were a bit much." I definitely second that one, but Christmas is right around the corner, why not just leave it up until then. I mean they've already been up since before Thanksgiving...maybe that's the problem right there.

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Suzanne said...

Debbie Gibson!!! Damn, you are utterly hilarious!!!