Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reader Contribution: The Staff Infection Sandwich

Thank you to bro92116 for leaving this hilariously gross story in the comments section of a previous post....

One day after exiting the showers at the gym I observed another guy, in street clothes sitting on the bench within the same row that my locker was. The locker rooms are equipped with televisions that were displaying some sporting event that I had no interest in. The guy was intently watching the television. While getting dressed I noticed that he began to pull out bread, peanut butter, and jelly from a plastic bag that was next to him. He laid the bread directly on the bench while he prepared his sandwhich. I though how that bench has probably seen more asses than the actually toliets at the gym. I was truly grossed out, so much that I almost asked the guy what the hell are you doing? Instead I said nothing while the guy enjoyed his peanut butter, jelly, and staff infection sandwhich.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, ew. So nasty. Not to mention that the next person to sit there will get crumbs stuck to their butt.